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Combo Card with 3 Key Tags Printing

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combo card with 3 key tags are very popular for uses in Club, Fundraising, Restaurants,Spa,Automobile, Library, etc. Each combo set contains a membership card with an attached key tag (or tags). The snap off card is onvenient because it offers customers the option of a space saving key tag or the ease of use associated with a wallet card.

Customers carry your custom printed card or key tag that helps advertise your business,while giving customer relationships and loyalty cards meaning. 

Part of our combo card with 3 key tag price as follows:

1,000 pieces US$360 excluding shipping

  • Material PVC
  • Dimension CR80+3 x 28.5mm*54mm*0.76mm
  • Packaging 200pcs a box, 3000 to 5000pcs a carton
  • Weight 1000pcs 12kg