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RFID Laundry Tags

Key application

Waterproof, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance

Available IC′s 125KHz, 13,56MHz, 860-960Mhz

Printing options: Laser print

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PPS RFID Laundry Tags

The Laundry tag has been specially designed for applications requiring a rugged transponder that can withstand harsh environment, this RFID tag basically meets all requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance as needed in applications of RFID tracking of garments in the textile rental and laundry industries.

rfid laundry tag specifications

Soft Laundry Tag

Key application
Widely using for laundry managemnt;
And high temperature working environment and so on
RFID laundry tag, soft, flexible, convenience wearing, 
waterproof, and high temperature resistant, 
tagging for washing, sewing and ironing.

Material: Silicone
Dimension: 90x28mm, 45x30mm, customized
and holes on both end.

OperatingTemperature: -50°С-200°С
Color: Blue, Black, white or in customized color 
(quantity over 5000pcs).
Available IC′s 13,56MHz, 860-960Mhz
Printing options:
Silkscreen print or laser print