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All our badge reels, badge clips, and id card holders can be customised.


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badge reelsID Badge Reels

ID badge reel is a simple and non-messy way to promote a brand or service. 

They are designed to keep your ID cards and keys securely attached and easily accessible.

Our badge reels come with different colors and shapes like round and square and made with different material like plastic or metal.

ID Badge Clips

ID Badge clip's strap will pass through the slot made with our slot punch or the slot in our badge holders.

Button closure secures your slot punched badge clip


  • 3.25" x .5"
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Sold in increments of 100
  • Materials: clear vinyl strap, metal buckle
id card holder
ID Card Holder
ID card holder help protect your ID badge from daily wear while allowing the card to be clearly visible.
Each badge holder has a slot and chain hole.
It is used for easy attachment to a lanyard, strap clip, or id badge reel. 

Rob Calvin

i like my yoyo

i got the sample yoyo yesterday,though i pay the shipping fee myself ,I'd like to say it is gorgeous whatever i stretch is same as you described,and therefore you will have my order then.

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