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NFC is a new short range wireless connectivity techhology that evolved from a combination of existing contactless identification and interconnection techologies. NFC enables intuitive and easy to use consumer devices interactions.
Based on NFC the NFC Forum has created the NFC Date Exchange Format (NDEF) and the NFC Forum Type Tag Operation . NDEF is a data format to encapsulate and identify application data hat is exchanged between NFC enabled devices. Atype of such device is the NFC Forum Type Tag. The Type Tags are contactless cards based on currently available products capable to store NDEF formatted data.
NDEF and the NFC Forum Type tag Operation allow New Kind of touch based applications:

>>Access control
>>Parking meters
>>Movie theater
>>Transit ticketing
>>Bus timetable
>>Tourist spots
>>Guide system
>>Smart Poster
>>Electronic business cards
>>Fast data transfers
>>Map information

Such application can be implemented using already available in the market NFC enabled tag products: Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Ultralight C, NXP NTAG203, NXP NTAG210, Mifare DESFire.

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